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Lateral Flow Strip Cutter


400 strips to 600 strips per minute

High efficiency

Fast cutting

Automatic counts
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Lateral Flow Strip Cutter-LFST001

What Is Lateral Flow Strip Cutter?

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The Lateral Flow Strip Cutter also called rapid test strip cutter, it is special designed for lateral flow assay test kit manufacturing. Easy to cut the sheet into strip format. Widely used in rapid test production line. High speed cutting, high efficiency, automated counts, high precision, low cost, factory direct supply.


15 years R&D experience of Strip Cutter and other lateral flow strip cutter


ISO9001 approval company, product comply with international standard


Rich experience and ability to customize various lateral flow strip cutter based-on need.


Whether it is in stock or customized products, delivery time is fast.
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Lateral Flow Strip Cutter

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Lateral Flow Strip Cutter-LFST001


Power90-250VAC 50/60HZ
Size430*370*230 mm
Precision±0.05 mm
Citting size0.5-99.9 mm
Speed470-500 strips/min
of uncut sheet
0-100 mm


Power90-250VAC 50/60HZ
Size520*480*230 mm
Precision±0.1 mm
Speed230-260 strips/min
Material Width0-318 min
Material Residual<10 mm
lateral flow cutting tool-LFST002
lateral flow cutting apparatus-LFST003


Power90-250VAC 50/60HZ
Size430*330*260 mm
Precision±0.05 mm
Citting size0.5-99.9 mm
Speed230-260 strips/min
Width of uncut sheet0-100 mm


Power90-250VAC 50/60HZ
Size680*400*360 mm
Speed1200 pc/h
Precision±0.003 mm
Uncut lengthMax: 320 mm
can be customized
Uncut Width>25 mm
rapid test strip cutting-LFST004

Partial Clients of Lateral Flow Strip Cutter

Testimonials of Lateral Flow Strip Cutter

  • “We had bought 10 lateral flow strip cutters, already run over 10 months. Excellent performance. Maximum strips cutting with high precision tolerance. Now used in various rapid test strip manufacturing.”

    Francisco Pauolino, Brazil
  • “The equipment was quite good, fast cutting up to 500 strips per minute. Running up to 24hours per day.”

    Yağmur Akyol, Turkey
  • “I like this strip cutter, lower cost than US brand, but quality not bad! Cutting supper fast, we cut up to 500,000 strips per day."

    Backhaus Mathias, Germany

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